About Us

Weston Wildlife Sdn Bhd is located on the beautiful west coast of Sabah in an exclusive and private bay with landscaped garden and a backdrop of lush greenery. Our facility is design to harmonized beautifully with its wild surroundings and we offer you the most unspoiled corners of the world that boast a wealth of rare wildlife.

In the center of the mangrove jungle of Weston, Beaufort is a haven for the Borneo Proboscis Monkeys; it is where you can observe Borneo’s indigenous proboscis monkeys in their natural habitat sitting on top of the mangrove trees. This haven is located within Weston which gives you the chance to observe these animals up close and personal.

The Proboscis Monkey has a very distinct feature that separates it from all other species. The remarkable males sports a big dangling nose with reddish flat top hairstyles, white tails and pot bellies. The females on the other hand are much smaller and have up-turned noses. Besides having the opportunity to see Proboscis Monkeys in the wild, you may also get the chance to see varieties of other monkeys and birds throughout the river safari journey.

Our river safari cruise allows guests to have a unique experience observing the elusive proboscis monkey in their natural habitat and during the night, guest can be immersed in the beauty of thousands glowing fireflies dancing surrounding the mangrove trees and a chance to have a peek of local crocodiles as well.

Weston Wildlife also offers several lodges with air-conditioned twin rooms and a private bathroom for those wishing to stay overnight and most importantly provides visitors a clean,safe and a remarkable rain forest experience. The scenic Weston River is located around 120 km from Kota Kinabalu and takes around 2 hours to reach by road. It also has a private jetty and ample of parking space next to the restaurant.